Fun in the Sun

Well summer is well on the way and will be here before we know it.

Take advantage of the summer sun and get yourself a solor charging system. We have put together a 120 watt kit which will be plenty to run your Engel or Waeco fridges with a bit of TV and lighting in the evening. The system is fitted permanantly to your RV or vehicle and has everything you need to connect it up, or we can do it for you.

Kit includes,

1 x 120 watt Mono-Crytalline panel

1 x 10 amp solar regulator

1 x 120 amp hour deep cycle 12 volt battery

1 x 7 amp, 7 stage battery charger/power supply

1 x large battery case to suit

5 meters of 6mm twin cable

6 crimp lugs

All of the above for just $999.00, regular price is $1132.50

Installation is not included in this kit, but we can install for you.


Did you know……


Modern caravans are usually built using either a timber, aluminium frame, or sandwich panel, can vary in length from 3 to over 10 metres and can be up to 2.5 metres wide (including any fittings). They require very little time to set up on site but can have a higher wind resistance when towing than a pop-top caravan or a camper trailer.

Pop-Top Caravan

Pop-tops feature a canvas, vinyl or fabric insert that connects the roof to the sides of the caravan. This insert allows the roof to be lowered for travelling. With the roof lowered, the vehicle’s height, and therefore wind resistance, is reduced and its centre of gravity is lowered.

Camper Trailer

The camper trailer is a low profile caravan with a wind-up roof and extendable bed sections at either end of the trailer. Camper trailers are easy to tow and are often suitable for smaller tow vehicles.

Tent Trailer

Tent trailers are compact and popular for off-road use with their light mass and low wind resistance. Tent trailers are easy to tow and are often suitable for smaller tow vehicles.

5th Wheel Caravan

5th Wheelers have all the features of a standard caravan but are designed to be towed by utilities or trucks. The towing connection is mounted on the tray of the tow vehicle, as close as possible to the rear axle.

The 5th Wheeler’s suspension carries the majority of its gross weight,
with the balance distributed forward of the rear suspension over the differential rather than the extreme rear of the tow vehicle. Those towing 5th Wheelers should ensure that they do not exceed the axle capacity of the tow vehicle when the rig is connected.


A motorhome is a self-powered, self-contained unit driven from a cabin that allows easy access to the rest of the vehicle.


Campervans are a motorised van equipped with sleeping, refrigeration, sink, cooking and dining facilities designed for recreational travel.

Slide-On Camper

The slide-on camper is a caravan type body which slides on and is secured to the bed or tray of a utility.

Til next time, travel safe.